Heather Reighard

Birthday:  January 10th

Favorite Color:   mint green / turquoise

Movies: No

Candles: No

Lotions: No


Snack: popcorn, chocolate anything

Candy:  PB M&M's

Soda/Drink: sweet tea

Coffee/Tea Drink: Winter: Hot Vanilla Chai Latte; Summer: Cold Vanilla Chai Latte

Sweet Treat: any cookie (least fav. choc chip)

Flower:  Peonies

Hobbies:  Tropical Plants, Traveling

Restaurants:  Panera, Jose Peppers

Baked Goods: any cookie, especially frosted sugar cookies. least fav is choc chip

Places to Shop: Ross, Savers, Home Goods

Anything you would prefer not to receive/have enough of: mugs, candles, lotions

Anything else we should know: I love tropical plants, beaches, mountains, traveling, whales