Amanda Fleege

Birthday:  November 27

Favorite Colors:  purple

Movies: No

Candles: No, but I like wax melts

Lotions: No

Scents: Floral, natural, and earthy scents

Snack: Trail mix, chips & salsa, popcorn

Candy: Milky Way, Chocolate with caramel

Soda/Drink: Sports drinks, Mio

Coffee/Tea Drink: Dunkin' Donuts

Sweet Treat: Fudge

Flower: Hydrangea

Hobbies: Running, lifting weights

Restaurants: Panera, Joe's BBQ, Hawaiian Bros, McAllister's

Baked Goods: brownies and cake

Places to Shop: Target, Amazon

Anything you would prefer not to receive/have enough of:

Anything else we should know: I'm dairy-free; I would love indoor recess games and classroom library book donations!