January 25-29, 2021

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Plans for the Week


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Kindness Challenge Checklists In-person students will have a printed copy of their checklist and remote students can download theirs to use on their ipad or print. There is also a Family Edition checklist below so parents can celebrate the week as well!

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Buckets of Kindness We are collecting new socks and underwear for the SMAC PTA Clothing Exchange. The Clothing Exchange offers new and gently-used clothing and shoes to those within the SMSD boundaries. More info can be found here.  Each grade will aim to fill their 5-gallon bucket with socks and underwear! The buckets will be out by the Knight all week!

Monday, January 25


School to School Kindness Use the day off school to volunteer to make a poster and hang it on the front door at one of our neighboring schools! Sign up HERE.


Kindness at Home Come up with your own act of kindness to do at home! See the Kind Acts checklists below to get started!

Tuesday, January 26

Great Kindness Challenge Kick-Off Video Watch it HERE.

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We Dream of Kindness PJ Day for staff and students!

PreK:    Teacher + Cafeteria workers & custodians

K:         Teacher + Crossing guards & bus drivers

1st:       Teacher + Cafeteria workers & custodians

2nd:      Teacher + JCPRD workers

3rd:       Teacher + Paras, aides, & support staff

4th:       Teacher + Office staff & nurse

5th:       Teacher + Paras, aides, & support staff

6th:       Teacher + Specials teachers / band & strings

Wednesday, January 27

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In the Spirit of Kindness Wear BH Spirit Wear or Black & Gold!

Staff Appreciation Day Students are encouraged to write notes or bring treats to teachers and staff based on grade level. The “Teacher Favorites” page lists specific names for many of the below groups. Let's show appreciation for everyone who is working so hard for our kids this year!



Thursday, January 28

Wear Kindness Proudly Show your kind heart by wearing peace, love, kindness, tie dye, or bright colors!

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Kindness Unites Paperchain Benninghoven students will be helping break a Guinness World Record for the longest recycled paper-chain made with messages of love and hope. This unified masterPEACE will not only set a new Guinness World Record, it will live on in hospitals, senior centers, schools, etc. to memorialize this extraordinary time and serve as a beautiful reminder that love and kindness connect us all. See info below on how your whole family can participate by making more links at home!

Be a Champion for Kindness Wear your Chiefs RED!


Friday, January 29


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Kindness Unites Paperchain

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Kind Hearted Hand Song


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GKC Video starring Benninghoven Students