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January 24-28, 2022

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Plans for the Week


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Kindness Challenge Checklists  Students will have access the the Great Kindness Challenge checklist on their school ipad (younger students will receive a printed copy). There is also a Family Edition checklist below so parents can celebrate the week as well!

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Buckets of Kindness Each grade will try to fill their BUCKET with a specific toiletry item. These items will be used by our school nurse for Benninghoven families and also donated to SMSD's McKinney Vento Homeless Service. The buckets will be out by the Knight all week!

Pre K & K: toothbrushes

1st grade: deodorant

2nd grade: toothpaste

3rd grade: lotion

4th grade: lip balm

5th grade: body wash / soap

6th grade: shampoo / conditioner

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Spirit Days Celebrate the week with

Kindness-themed dress up days!

Monday: Dreaming of Kindness: PJ day!

Tuesday: Crazy for Kindness: crazy hair / mis-matched clothes

Wednesday: Never too Old for Kindness: dress like  you're 100 for the 100th day of school

Thursday: Round up the Kindness: cowboy / cowgirl gear

Friday: Ride the Wave of Kindness: tropical / beach apparel

PreK:    Teacher + Cafeteria workers & custodians

K:         Teacher + Crossing guards & bus drivers

1st:       Teacher + Cafeteria workers & custodians

2nd:      Teacher + JCPRD workers

3rd:       Teacher + Paras, aides, & support staff

4th:       Teacher + Office staff & nurse

5th:       Teacher + Paras, aides, & support staff

6th:       Teacher + Specials teachers / band & strings

Wednesday, January 27

Share the Love Day Students are encouraged to write notes or bring treats to teachers and staff based on grade level. The “Teacher Favorites” page lists specific names for many of the below groups. Let's show appreciation for everyone who is working so hard for our kids this year!




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Kind Hearted Hand Song


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GKC Video starring Benninghoven Alumni