January 28 - February 1

Our Plans for the Week

Throughout the week:

Kindness Challenge Checklists Pre-K - 3rd grade students will have a hard copy of their checklist and 4th - 6th grade students will download theirs to their ipad. There is a Family Edition checklist below OR you can download the Great Kindness Challenge app on your phone!

Kind Coins Campaign Students can bring in loose change for the Kind Coins project. This year we are joining with other schools around the world to help build a medical facility in Liberia. See the video below to learn more about this great project!

Shoe Drive Bring in those outgrown shoes to help a local organization, Pathway to Hope, raise funds for a new mental health "Clubhouse" in Johnson County! Pathway to Hope is a non-for-profit organization that supports individuals and families facing mental illness. The shoes collected in the United States are given another life and sold to micro-entrepreneurs for a small cost. These micro-entrepreneurs are facing systemic poverty and lack of education and economic opportunity. They are able to mark-up the shoes and sell them in their local communities for a fraction of their original price, but still for a profit!



Morning Greetings To kick off the Great Kindness Challenge, students will be welcomed to school Monday morning by local firefighters and police officers along with Lucy’s Kids for Peace kids!



I Dream of Kindness PJ Day for staff and students!



Appreciation Day Students are encouraged to write notes or bring treats to teachers and staff based on grade level. The “Teacher Favorites” page lists specific names for many of the below groups. CLICK HERE.


                                      PreK:  Teacher + Cafeteria workers & custodians

                                      K:         Teacher + Crossing guards & bus drivers

                                      1st:      Teacher + Cafeteria workers & custodians

                                      2nd:    Teacher + JCPRD workers

                                      3rd:     Teacher + Paras, aides, & support staff

                                      4th:     Teacher + Office staff & nurse

                                      5th:     Teacher + Paras, aides, & support staff

                                      6th:     Teacher + Specials teachers / band & strings



Crazy for Kindness Dress up day - mis-matched clothes / crazy hair, socks, etc.



School to School Kindness BH families are invited to line the sidewalks outside of SMNW from 7:15 - 7:40 am to offer cheers and greetings to the high schoolers as they arrive for school. Feel free to bring happy signs or paper hearts to hand out!

In the Spirit of Kindness Wear BH Spirit Wear or Black & Gold!



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Download & Print the

Family Checklist (or get the app for Apple or Android; search "The Great Kindness Challenge Family Edition")

Kind Coins Campaign

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Shoe Drive

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Classroom Resources

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Kind Hearted Hand Song


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GKC Video starring Benninghoven Students

PHOTOS: 2018 GKC at Benninghoven