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Science Enrichment

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The Benninghoven PTA is proud to offer science enrichment opportunities for students. This program builds upon their classroom science curriculum and allows students the opportunity for interactive, hands-on learning. Parent volunteers are needed to work with small groups of students through these projects, experiments, and dissections. Find your child's grade below and sign up if you are able to be a part of this fantastic PTA program!

2nd Grade 

Volcanoes: September 22, 2023


3rd Grade

Owl Pellets Dissection: February 2, 2024       Volunteer


4th Grade

Frog Dissection: October 6, 2023       Volunteer

Magnets: March 1, 2024       Volunteer


5th Grade

States of Matter: November 3, 2023       Volunteer

Dogfish Shark Dissection: April 5, 2024       Volunteer


6th Grade

Acids + Bases: December 1, 2023        Volunteer

Pig Heart + Lung Dissection: May 3, 2024       Volunteer

Benninghoven PTA

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