Amy Hocker

Birthday:  November 7

Favorite Color:  purple or Oklahoma State orange

Movies: Yes

Candles: Yes

Lotions: No

Scents: floral, fresh linen (not sweet; no vanilla)

Snack: Boom Chicka Pop, Skinny Pop

Candy: Snickers

Soda/Drink: green tea, cherry limeade

Coffee/Tea Drink: Arizona Arnold Palmer, anything from Starbucks or Black Dog Coffeehouse

Sweet Treat: cupcakes or brownies

Flower: Peony or Sunflower

Hobbies: tap dancing, traveling, spending time with friends

Restaurants: Unforked, McClain's Market, Goodcents

Baked Goods: chocolate chip cookies

Places to Shop: Michael's, Super Duper Productions (online)

Anything you would prefer not to receive/have enough of:  stickers, reinforcers

Anything else we should know: I love all things Oklahoma State and Kansas City! This is my first job as a Speech-Language Pathologist and I’m fresh out of grad school so I will appreciate anything to help decorate my room or that I can use in therapy!