Kasia Bulkley

Birthday:  February 3

Favorite Color:  purple

Movies: Yes

Candles: No

Lotions: No


Snack: fruit, popcorn, Veggie Straws, KIND bars

Candy: dark chocolate, chocolate + PB Snickers

Soda/Drink: Coke Zero, unsweetened iced tea

Coffee/Tea Drink: green tea

Sweet Treat: chocolate cake, brownies

Flower: any

Hobbies: running, baking, walking dogs

Restaurants: Chipotle, Panera, Planet Sub

Baked Goods: any

Places to Shop: Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Amazon

Anything you would prefer not to receive/have enough of: Starbucks

Anything else we should know: