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Benninghoven Secret Samaritans



Benninghoven Secret Samaritans is being established as a resource for filling needs within our school community by members of our school community. 



What types of items may be requested?

The Secret Samaritans seek to remove obstacles to school performance and attendance by providing assistance that enable students the ability to equitably learn and attend school with their peers. Items requested may include (but are not limited to) books for home reading, backpacks and school supplies, clothing and shoes, winter coats, educational items for use at home or school, beds or bedding, toiletries, and non-prescription medical items. Examples of things that monetary donations may be requested for include school photos, yearbooks, and assistance with instrument rental. 


How are requests received?

Requests to the Secret Samaritans will come from school staff on a confidential basis. Neither the Secret Samaritans nor donors will be aware of specific students being assisted. Families who wish to request assistance for their Benninghoven student should contact the school principal (Anna Jensen or social worker (Paula Pyle: who will submit the request on their behalf.


How can I help?

If you would like to be informed of needs as they arise, simply email and ask to be placed on the communication list. Details of requests and instructions for fulfillment will be sent as submissions are received and donors may sign up for those that they wish to help fulfill. As the name suggests, donors are also kept confidential. Students and families not be notified of who fulfilled a request.

Monetary donations to the Secret Samaritans fund can also be made at any time and will be used exclusively to fulfill Secret Samaritan requests. Click here to make a monetary donation.

Thank you for your support of our Benninghoven community!

Benninghoven PTA

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